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2021年4月13日15:00,XT.COM直播间又开播啦 ...



本期做客直播间的嘉宾是来自Uswap的CEO及联合创始人Andreas Kartrud。错过直播的小伙伴一起跟着xt君来回顾一下此次直播主题AMA吧!



(Q:XT CBO JUN A:Andreas Kartrud)



Hi, everyone! Welcome to the XT AMA Channel. I'm Jun, CBO at XT.com. I am hosting today's AMA with UME&EFT. Let me give a brief introduction to XT first.

XT.com is the world's first real-time social trading platform with 0% leverage interest. The XT ecosystem has over 6 million global users with a daily transaction volume of close to $5 billion. The platform has real-time indicators and tools that bring the best trading atmosphere for all users.

XT exchange's innovative social model empowers the blockchain industry through newly developed social trading avenues, which were once not possible. XT has achieved this through a combined effort with our partners, such as Bananatok.

Today, our guest is Andreas Kartrud. Let's talk to him to learn about UME&EFT.

Hello !Andreas Kartrud , thank you for joining us for the XT and UME&EFT AMA!


大家好,欢迎来到XT AMA频道!我是XT.com的CBO,Jun。今天,我们邀请到UME&EFT的嘉宾做客我们的AMA。首先,请允许我简单地介绍一下XT。

XT.com是世界首个杠杆率为0%的实时社交化数字资产交易所。 XT生态系统拥有超过600万来自全球各地的用户,日交易额近50亿美元。 XT交易平台有实时指标和工具,可以给所有用户带来最佳的交易氛围。


今天,我们邀请到的嘉宾是Andreas Kartrud。让我们跟随嘉宾的步伐,深入了解UME&EFT吧。

Andreas Kartrud,您好,欢迎来到XT和UME&EFT的AMA!


A:Hi,This is Andreas Kartrud.

大家好,我是Andreas Kartrud。



Can you give our audience a brief introduction of UME&EFT?




Absolutely, so UME token is the proprietary governance token for Uswap DEX, it holds proposal and voting rights over listings of new projects as well as future developments of the DEX. UME have a total supply of 23 million and all distribution of UME is done through farming protocols. To farm UME you need to provide liquidity to Uswap DEX and you use the LP tokens given to stake and earn UME.


EFT is the governance token over the Eclipcity Ecosystem that is developing, EFT holds only 75,000 total supply and the distribution is also done through liquidity providing at Uswap DEX and yield farming protocol – To farm EFT, you need to have UME to provide in liquidity so the first use case of UME is the possibility to farm EFT that holds a much lower supply and will play a major role in the Eclipcity ecosystem.


当然,UME是Uswap DEX的专有治理代币,对新项目上线以及DEX未来的发展拥有提案权和投票权。UME的总供应量是2300万枚,所有发行均通过挖矿协议完成。要获得UME,就需要为Uswap DEX平台提供流动性并使用LP代币进行质押。


EFT是Eclipcity生态系统的治理代币,尚在开发中,总供应量只有75000枚,根据Uswap DEX和流动性挖矿协议的流动性提供情况进行分配。要提供流动性,就要用到UME,所以UME的第一个用途是挖EFT。使用UME有机会能挖到EFT,EFT的总供应量比UME少得多,而且在Eclipcity生态系统中将会发挥重要作用。



I have checked your project has got impressive ratings by some top crypto rating websites. How do you take these ratings?




Yes, we are extremely proud and honored to be mentioned on these sites and rating pages, of course we take these ratings very seriously and it shows that we are not just developing a project without meaning, but we are building proper services that are evaluated as leading services by experts. Recently Justin Sun announced the first winners of their DEFI hackathon and Uswap secured second place in this contest which we are very proud of. 


Uswap has also been invited to speak on stake on the well know Global DEFI investment summit in Dubai June 2-3rd this year, not only that but as platinum sponsors Uswap, UME and EFT will have massive exposure for thousands of people involved in the smart contract and DEFi industry.


是的,我们非常骄傲,也十分荣幸能够在这些网站上获得正面评价。我们是很严肃地看待这些评分的,这些评分不仅证明我们正在开发一项有意义的项目,而且表明我们提供的服务是优质的,专家认为我们服务在行业处于领先地位。最近Justin Sun公布了DeFi Hackathon大赛的首批获胜者,Uswap获得了第二名,我们非常骄傲。


Uswap还受邀在今年6月2日至3日于迪拜举行的全球DeFi投资峰会上发表演讲,不仅如此, Uswap、UME和EFT还将作为白金赞助商,在数千名智能合约和DeFi行业人士面前得到曝光。



Can you introduce the core team members of UME&EFT? We hear the team is highly experienced, can we get some examples?




The core team members of the Eclipcity team which is the creators of Uswap, UME and EFT would be myself and my developer team smartcontract.ru.

Due to security reason we rather not front the whole team but please do take a look at the website and you will see former clients and partners we have worked with, our dev team has tremendous experience with several years in the smartcontract industry and was also awarded the top blockchain development company in 2019 .






Can you give our community a brief introduction behind the inspiration to build UME&EFT?




Yes of course, so the reason and inspiration behind the creation of UME and EFT token was the development of USWAP DEX protocol, we wanted to create the first safe DEX protocol on the TRON network by only allowing listings of project tokens that have been audited by our team (Eclipcity team)

This feature allows Uswap to create a safe and secure environment for the users as fraudulent projects and duplicate tokens can not be added to the DEX.

UME and EFT comes from the creation of Uswap, UME is the governance token to Uswap DEX and it´s 23 million total supply is solely distributed through Yieldfarming. To farm UME a user needs to provide liquidity to Uswap DEX and then the user can stake the LP token given to earn UME token. UME token can also be used to access and farm the second governance token EFT, which holds voting and revenue rights from the eclipcity ecosystem.

The EFT holds only 75,000 total supply and the distribution is also solely done through yieldfarming, also by providing liquidity to Uswap DEX.

So the inspiration of UME and EFT has been not only to give a high potential farming token, but through offering this farming, but to incentivize users and investors to provide liquidity to Uswap, all for the development and building of what will be the leading DEX on the TRON network. As more and more developers migrate and start building DEFI on TRON, they will turn to Uswap for listing, and with Uswap acting as a gathering place for all TRON DEFI projects, UME & EFT token will gain unlimited audience.


当然,创建UME&EFT的原因和灵感来源于Uswap DEX协议的开发,我们希望通过仅允许上线由我们的团队(Eclipcity团队)审核的项目代币在TRON网络上创建第一个安全的DEX协议。


UME 和 EFT源自Uswap的创建,UME是Uswap DEX的治理代币,总供应量为2300万枚,只能通过流动性挖矿获得。要获得UME,用户就需要向Uswap提供流动性,然后就可以通过LP代币质押赚取UME。用户还可以用UME来获得第二个治理代币,也就是EFT,EFT拥有Eclipcity生态系统的投票权和收益权。

EFT总供应量只有75000枚,只能通过流动性挖矿获取,同样需要向Uswap DEX提供流动性。

因此,UME和EFT的灵感不仅是提供高潜力挖矿代币,而且是通过挖矿机制,激励用户和投资者向Uswap提供流动性,将Uswap建成TRON网络的顶级DEX。随着越来越多的开发人员向TRON迁移并开始构建DeFi,越来越多的项目希望在Uswap上线,Uswap将充当所有TRON DeFi项目的聚集地,UME和EFT代币会获得无限的受众。



In the Crypto industry, what do you think of the current state? What do you think that needs to be improved?




Personally we think that the overall reputation of the crypto industry need to be improved, it´s a shame that we see so many fraudulent admins and projects harm the industry for selfish reasons. Our mission and vision is to restore the reputation and provide real, profitable and trusted services that users from all over the world can rely and feel confident with. Crypto is the future and we want to make sure it´s shaped in the right direction and available for mass adoptions.





How does the UME&EFT team plan to tackle these issues to reach mass adoption?




Transparency and simplicity, the first step is to build trust with the community, because it is always the community that matters, no matter how good a project is, without a community the project will fail. We focus on bringing not only legit and projects with a purpose, we also aim to educate and inform users in a correct way for them to make choices based upon knowledge and fact rather the FUD and FOMO. We also aim to make DEFI simple and easy to interact with so that the average person can enjoy the benefits of the new emerging industry that is giving the power of money back to the people through decentralization.





 What is your timeline, and what can we look forward to from UME&EFT?




Well we don’t´s have a specific timeline, but we have a roadmap for the Eclipcity ecocystem, Uswap, UME and EFT is the foundation of the ecosystem, currently we are developing multiple new services such as the eclipity wallet, a fully decentralized wallet to safely store and manage your assets, and of course with Uswap DEX integrated together with the rest of the ecosystem directly in the wallet, access to any dapp project, staking UME, staking EFT and much more.


We are also currently developing the first public NFT marketplace for the TRON network, in a few weeks the Uswap NFT marketplace will be launched and artist and collectors from all over the world can meet, upload and create their artwork, auction it out to collectors and more. NFT is the hottest thing in the blockchain space and we want to be ahead of the curve and make sure that Uswap brings together a marketplace for NFT on TRON.


Other than that we are about to release our first game build on TRON smart contrac, CyberFight, a really cool game that you can play on mobile of laptop and fight against other online players, betting and winning TRX, there will also be weekly and monthly tournaments with TRX, UME and EFT as prize pools and more.


This is only the beginning of the journey UME and EFT will have, and we highly recommend users to stake and earn these token while the distribution is ongoing, the more UME and EFT a user holds, the more profits that users will be able to generate in the coming services from the eclipcity team and it´s ecosystem.


我们没有一个具体的时间表,但我们有关于Eclipcity生态系统的路线图,Uswap、UME和EFT是生态系统的基础,目前我们正在开发多种新服务,比如Eclipity钱包,这是一个完全去中心化的钱包,可以安全存储和管理您的资产,而且Uswap DEX还会与生态系统中的其他服务直接集成在钱包中,可以访问任何Dapp项目,进行UME和EFT质押等等。


我们目前正在开发TRON网络首个公共NFT市场,几周后将推出Uswap NFT市场,世界各地的艺术家和收藏家可以聚集于此,上传和创作艺术品,并拍卖给收藏家等。 NFT是区块链领域最热门的事物,我们希望领先一步,确保Uswap能在TRON上打造一个NFT市场。


除此之外,我们还将发布第一个基于TRON智能合约的游戏Cyber Fight,这款游戏非常酷,您可以在笔记本电脑或者手机上玩并与其他在线玩家对抗、下注赢取TRX,此外每周和每月还有以TRX、UME和EFT作为奖池的比赛。





Anything else do you want to share with our community?




One thing I want to share is the importance of vetting and doing some due diligence on DEFI projects to invest is, look for projects that offer more then just creating and farming a token. Anyone can do that.


But to build real services that surrounds and gives this token a use case, to build trust and confidence with a community that is supporting the project because of it´s potential is not something all projects offer, with UME and EFT you can be sure that an ever expanding ecosystem of new services within DEFI, online games, NFT, crypto wallet and more will always see to that the demand for UME and EFT increases. We are not here for short term profits, we are here to build long term wealth.







Thank you, Andreas Kartrud, for taking the time to do this AMA with us today. It has been great learning more about Uswap, UME and EFT and the team behind it!

感谢Andreas Kartrud能参与我们今天的AMA,非常荣幸能对Uswap、UME和EFT及其背后团队有更深的了解。




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