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本期做客直播间的嘉宾是来自MinaCIub创始人虎克船长。错过直播的小伙伴一起跟着xt君来回顾一下此次直播主题AMA吧! ...



(Q:XT.COM   A:Ryan虎克船长)


Hi, everyone! Welcome to the XT AMA Channel. XT is honored to invite Mina CIub today. Let me give a brief introduction to XT first.

大家好,欢迎来到XT AMA频道!今天,我们邀请到Mina Club做客我们的AMA。首先,请允许我简单地介绍一下XT。


XT.com is the world's first real-time social trading platform with 0% leverage interest. The XT ecosystem has over 6 million global users with a daily transaction volume of close to $5 billion. The platform has real-time indicators and tools that bring the best trading atmosphere for all users.

XT.com是世界首个杠杆率为0%的实时社交化数字资产交易所。 XT生态系统拥有超过600万来自全球各地的用户,日交易额近50亿美元。 XT交易平台有实时指标和工具,可以给所有用户带来最佳的交易氛围。


XT exchange's innovative social model empowers the blockchain industry through newly developed social trading avenues, which were once not possible. XT has achieved this through a combined effort with our partners, like Btok.



Today, our guest is Minaclub, Let's talk to him to learn about Mina Protocol.

Hello Ryan , thank you for joining us for the XT and MinaCIub AMA!




Hello, host and friends here,This is Ryan.




Can you give our community a brief introduction about what is Mina Protocol, and what is its vision and mission?




Based on the succinct blockchains, Mina maintains a fixed size of about 22kb by recursive zk-SNARKs, bringing a lower node threshold, more distributed nodes and building an ecosystem of data privacy protection by zk-SNARKs. Mina is building a gateway of safeguarding privacy between the real world and crypto — and the infrastructure for the secure and autonomous future.


Mina 是一个轻量级的公链,通过递归零知识证明,将区块链大小维持在 22 KB 左右,带来了更低的节点门槛,节点也更具分布式,并且围绕着零知识证明搭建了一个可保护数据隐私的生态系统。Mina正在现实世界和密码学世界之间建立一个保护隐私的通道——同时致力于建设面向更加安全、更加自主的基础设施。



I have checked that Mina Protocol is focusing on three use cases which helps to build a private gateway between the real world and crypto. Can you introduce a bit about this? Why is the Mina Protocol Needed and how?




In the Mina platform, they call the application Snapp. Compared with other protocols of DApp (decentralized application), the advantages of Snapp can be summarized as "privacy protection" and "Internet data interoperability". The former is a self-contained attribute of zk-SNARKs, while the latter tends to be ignored, posing problems that many public blockchains and oracle machine protocols are trying to deal with. The Mina team gives three typical use cases, namely "end-to-end data privacy from both online and on-chain", "permissionless web oracles ", and "third-party private Internet login”.


在 Mina 平台中,他们将应用称之为 Snapp。相比较其他协议的 DApp (去中心化应用),Snapp 的优势可以概括为「隐私保护」和「与互联网数据的互操作性」。前者本就是零知识证明的自带属性,而后者其实很容易被忽视,也是很多公链或预言机协议在尝试解决的问题.Mina 团队给出了三个典型的案例,分别是「端到端的数据隐私以打通线上和链上」、「无需许可的互联网预言机」、「第三方隐私登录」。



What is the positioning of the Mina Protocol public chain? Is it the underlying public chain like Ethereum?




Mina positions itself as the world’s lightest blockchain that promotes connection between the Internet and the crypto world. Some people may consider Mina a slimmed-down version of Ethereum, but the term "slim version of Ethereum " is just a term to help people understand the characteristics of Mina. In fact, Mina is not intended to be compared with other public chains, because it is really doing something different and has just been launched, which is not comparable to that of mature running for many years.





I have heard that Mina Protocol would be a Well-Planned Solution for Tomorrows Blockchain Woes, what Problems Does Mina Protocol (MINA) Solve?




Mina is deployed to solve the problem of blockchain state explosion caused by the growing size of blockchain data. The growth of blockchain state data is due to the global variables in node to verify the legitimacy of every transaction and execute transactions. The global state continues to grow as the blockchain runs along with the development of applications, whereas Mina has much smaller sizes by replacing the historical transactions with succinct recursive zk-SNARKs. As a result, we construct an easily verifiable and consistent-sized blockchain.





Could you please introduce the Ouroboros Samasika's proof of rights and interests used by Mina Protocol in detail? What is its working principle and Why it is unique?

可以详细介绍下Mina协议的Ouroboros Samasika共识机制吗?它的运作原理是什么?和常见的POS共识机制有何不同?



Mina employs the consensus protocol, namely Ouroboros Samasika, which is an improvement on the Ouroboros algorithms, recognized by the cryptographic community as one of the first provably-secure PoS consensus protocol. For a full overview of the algorithm, please read Mina's technical whitepaper.


Let me briefly introduce the core features of the Ouroboros Samasika. It is not a BFT algorithm and unlike many PoS algorithms, which brings many benefits.


Firstly, no restriction on the number of consensus nodes. BFT algorithms, like Tendermint, have to limit the number of participants (typically no more than a few hundred) due to the complexity of networking. Ouroboros Samasika, on the other hand, has no limit to the number of consensus nodes.


Secondly, nodes can dynamically participate in the networks. Most PoS consensus protocols have online time requirements for nodes and punishments for dropouts, which greatly raises the threshold for running nodes and in turn exposes the network to the risk of attack. Ouroboros Samasika, on the other hand, allows nodes to freely participate in the networks. The fairness of producing blocks is achieved by the VRF algorithm and "Epoch", that is, a fair sampling of consensus nodes based on the "the volume of staking" in every epoch.


Thirdly, the bootstrapping. Nodes can determine "which chain" is legitimate based on simple chain rules instead of external information. Most PoS algorithms suffer from long-range attacks and “Nothing at a stake” problems, which require the "weak subjectivity" involved to determine the legitimacy. In contrast, Ouroboros Samasika mainly chooses “the longest chain rule" to deal with short-range forks. In the face of attacks against history and long-range forks, special rules are applied—a more succinct summary (based on the state of the blockchain), as it is difficult for an attacker to calculate enough zk-SNARKs, ensuring that the blockchain is hard to be forked.


Fourthly, complementing the simplicity of the Mina blockchain. The succinct blockchain solidifies the foundation of decentralization, and no more highly- centralized components or assumptions is introduced in the aforementioned characteristics of the consensus protocol, which guarantees the maximum degree of the trustless blockchain.


Mina 使用了 Ouroboros Samasika 共识算法。该算法是对 Ouroboros 系列算法的改进,而后者是最早实现可证明安全的 PoS 系统之一,被密码学界认可。要想了解算法的全貌,推荐阅读 Mina 的技术白皮书。


在这里我简短介绍一下 Ouroboros Samasika 共识算法的核心特征:与许多 PoS 算法不同,它不是一个类 BFT 的算法,这带来很多好处。


首先就是对参与共识的节点数量没有限制。类 BFT 算法,以 Tendermint 为例,由于网络通信的复杂度,必须限制参与者的数量,一般不能超过几百个。而 Ouroboros Samasika 则对参与共识的节点的数量没有限制。


其次,节点可以动态进出。大部分 PoS 共识协议对节点的在线时间都有要求,并对掉线者进行惩罚,这大大提升了运行节点的门槛,反倒让网络面临被攻击的风险。而 Ouroboros Samasika 则允许节点随意进出。而出块的公平性是通过 VRF 算法以及「epoch」机制来实现的,在每个 epoch 内根据 “质押数量” 完成对共识节点的公平抽样。


第三,自举性,节点只需要依赖简单的规则就可以判定「哪条链」是合法的,而不需要依赖外界信息的指引。大多数 PoS 算法存在长程攻击和 Nothing at a stake 的问题,需要引入 “弱主观性” 来对链的合法性进行判定。而 Ouroboros Samasika 则主要使用 “最长链规则” 来应对短的分叉;面对针对历史的攻击,当节点面临长的分叉时,可以采用特殊规则,即比较简洁的摘要(可以理解为区块链的状态的摘要),由于攻击者很难在短时间内计算足够的零知识证明,这保证了区块链很难被分叉。


第四,与 Mina 区块链的简洁性相辅相成。简洁的区块链夯实了去中心化的基础,而共识算法的上述特性则没有引入新的高集中化程度的组件或假设,最大程度的保障了区块链的无需信任的程度。



Scalability is the main problem that most blockchain public chains need to solve. How does Mina Protocol solve the scalability problem and allow Dapps to have excellent scalability?

可扩展性是大多数区块链公链需要解决的主要问题,Mina 如何解决可伸缩性问题并允许 Dapps 具有出色的可拓展性?



This is essentially about the performance of the MINA public blockchain. Currently, the TPS is low on the main chain because it has not been applied. But the zk-SNARKs technology is a more advanced selection for extending the blockchain and will help to maximize Mina's TPS.





We know that Mina Protocol has won the favor of many investment institutions. Can you talk about your financing situation and how you attract each other with these excellent investment institutions?

Mina 获得了众多投资机构的青睐,可以谈谈你们的融资情况吗?你们是怎么跟这些优秀的投资机构互相吸引的?



We have raised $29.4 million in three institutional funding rounds since 2017. The institutional investors are: Three Arrows Capital, Hashkey, Fenbushi Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Polychain Capital and so on. 


Three Arrows Capital regards MINA as an elegant, lightweight and layer-1 blockchain solution that solves the cryptographic dilemma of decentralization, scalability and security.


Partnering with MINA, these institutional investors find the value of Mina's vision to build the world's lightest blockchain that will promote Web 3.0 and deliver on the original promise of blockchain — decentralization, scale, and security. Mina's core technology, excellent team, and global community are what MINA has developed together with its investors.


自 2017 年以来已分三轮机构融资 2940 万美元。机构投资者包括 Three Arrows Capital, Hashkey, Fenbushi Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Polychain Capital 等。




这些机构投资者选择与MINA合作,是因为他们看到了 Mina打造世界上最轻的区块链的愿景的价值,这将有助于推动 Web 3.0 的发展,实现区块链的去中心化、规模化和保障安全的最初承诺。Mina 的核心技术、强大的贡献者团队以及对全球社区都是MINA与投资人共同发展的。



What’s the benefit of Mina Protocol? For token holders, where are the main functions of tokens?

Mina 的收益是什么?对于代币持有者而言,其主要作用体现在哪里?



The first is the simplicity of blockchain to lower the threshold of a full node. The second is building a trustless and privacy-enabled gateway between the real world and crypto.

For MINA holders, the MINA public blockchain is currently undervaluation and in its early stages, but holders will have lasting returns from long-term holdings. MINA is the native utility token of the platform. It is used to pay block producers and SNARK producers (the role of computing zk- SNARKs). You can earn MINA tokens as a reward by staking MINA in the proof-of-stake consensus.


Mina CIub:一是区块链的简洁性问题,让全节点的门槛降低。二是现实世界和密码世界的无需信任且保护隐私的桥梁。

作为MINA持币者来说,目前MINA公链属于早期,价值低估,长期持有或许会有不错的长线收益,MINA 是网络的原生代币。它用于支付区块生产者和 SNARK 生产者(即计算零知识证明的角色)费用,并可用于在权益证明共识算法中进行质押,赚取MINA代币的奖励。



Could you share the items coming up on Mina Protocol’s roadmap?




The main Mina net was launched in March. There are currently more than 5,800 nodes worldwide, and the team is improving the network documentation, refining developer tools, and gradually disclosing more demonstration cases to help developers embrace the value of Mina. Developers will soon be able to use the protocol to create applications (Snapps) powered by zk-SNARKs, thus providing global users with application services that protect privacy and data security to help construct eco-applications.


3月份,Mina主网上线。目前全球节点有5800多个,目前团队正在完善网络文档,并完善开发者工具,将逐步披露更多示范案例,帮助开发者理解 Mina 的价值。开发人员将很快能够利用该协议来创建由零知识证明驱动的应用程序(Snapps),从而为全球用户提供保护隐私和数据安全性的应用服务,帮助生态应用建设。



Anything else do you want to share with our community?




MinaClub, as the third-party community of Mina protocol and the first Chinese community of MINA, focuses on the exchange of eco-technology development and the digging of high-quality projects. We will keep close liaison with the officials to deliver the first-hand MINA information and improve the MINA ecology.


Mina is a win-win cooperation rather than a disruptor of public blockchains, and Snapp itself can achieve specific business logic in some cases. But Mina will also cooperate with other public blockchains to enhance interoperability, develop more complex and generalized applications and realize truly win-win situation of blockchain ecology.


That's why Mina first chose to partner with Ethereum, the leader in the public chain ecosystem. Mina and Ethereum will sponsor a third-party team to come up with an improved EVM solution that can efficiently validate Pickles SNARK.


The future development of the public blockchain is not confined to imitating Bitcoin or regarding Ethereum as the competitive target, the gradually maturing blockchain world needs more types of infrastructure to host applications, cloud computing, cloud storage and privacy computing, all of which have application requirements in the future development. VitalikButerin also believes and calls for developers to expand beyond DeFi.


Mina is innovative compared to the implementation of other public blockchains applications. Although Mina has not yet set up an ecological team, it will subsequently carry out hackathon and create developer ecology with the support of technical community volunteers and quality capital. The public blockchain itself is superior to Ethereum in terms of performance and efficiency with the potential for good development in the long run.




对于Mina,我认为不是公链的颠覆者,而是合作共赢,Snapp 本身可以针对部分场景实现特定的业务逻辑,但为了实现更复杂和通用化的应用需求,Mina 也会通过与其他公链进行合作,增强互操作性,让整个生态区块链生态互惠共赢。


所以 Mina最先选择与公链生态的龙头以太坊进行合作,双方的基金会将出资,寻求第三方团队给出一个能高效验证 Pickles SNARK 的 EVM 改进方案。




Mina 相对其他公链应用的实现方面,有所创新,虽然还未组建生态团队,但考虑到已拥有技术社区志愿者和优质资本的支持,后续会开展黑客松,建立开发者生态,公链本身的性能和效率上也优于以太坊。长期来看,或许具备良好发展的潜质。



Thank you,Ryan, for taking the time to do this AMA with us today. It has been great learning more about Mina Club and the team behind it!

再次感谢Ryan能在百忙之中参与此次直播。非常荣幸能对Mina Club及其背后的团队有更深的了解!




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